The Toddler Monster is here

There have been a few periods in Nathan’s life where I have thought he was in the ominous Terrible Two’s. But I was wrong. I had NO IDEA what was in store. Ladies and gentlemen of the Interwebz, the Terrible Two’s have commenced.

My once quiet and seemingly demure one-year-old no longer exists… he has been taken over by the Toddler Monster. Temper tantrums are getting worse, and they occur over what seems like no reason. For instance, Nathan will reach into his toy basket wanting to get a blue car, but instead he gets a red car. Instead of doing what any rational person would do  (but hey, what 21-month-old is rational?) and simply get the car he wanted in the first place, he will clench his fists and start shaking and screaming. His shrieks sound not at all unlike what I imagine a banshee would sound as her toenails are being ripped off slowly, one by one.

Or he’ll be riding on his dump truck, which he has had since his first birthday. He knows good and well that it does’t move on its own; he has to sit on it and use his feet to gain motion. But he will get on his dump truck and then throw a tantrum because (gasp!) the truck won’t move unless he physically makes it move!


And those two examples are just the tip of the iceberg. I know it all boils down to communication; I know that he’s getting frustrated because something in his world is amiss and he has no way to tell us what it is or how he feels about it. I tell him that if he would just learn to talk or start showing me all the signs I teach him, then it would make him feel a lot better.

Of course, my Stubborn One wants no part in giving me what I have the utter audacity to want.

How long does this phase last? Hopefully, it will be over sooner rather than later, but regardless, I know he won’t be this age for long. They grow up so incredibly fast!


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