Feeling much better now!

I’m back to my old self! I kicked the sickness and everything is all butterflies and daisies now. Well, almost everything. Nathan’s cold is still lingering in the form of a ton (and I do mean a TON) of snot. Poor kid has snot dripping out of his nose constantly. Sometimes the snot forms big bubbles on his nostrils (gross!) and he wipes it with his hand, effectively smearing it all over his face.

It’s funny when it gets in his eyebrows. It’s like gel, only it’s free and it’s green. Smear in some snot, style the eyebrow hairs, and you’re all set!

But aside from the snot, we’re both feeling right as rain now. Paul never got sick, thankfully. I can’t believe he didn’t catch it… he loved on Nathan and took care of him while I was sick, plus he was around me a lot. I’m glad because that was one nasty cold. I have a feeling I might as well get used to getting sick more often, though. Now that we have a kid, it’s going to be hard not to. That’s just the way it is… kids seem to be sick all the time with stubborn coughs and runny noses.


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