She’s got L’eggs

Last night, my husband was energetically moving his legs around in the bed, which reminded me of a song I once knew energetic legs. After mulling it over for a while, it hit me. Remember that jingle “She’s got legs…sheer energy legs” by L’eggs brand pantyhose back in the ’80’s? Yeah I hated that song. It would always get stuck in my head, and I’d be singing it all damn day long.  

And then I started laughing because I remembered when I was little, the name L’eggs used to really irritate me. What’s up with the apostrophe after the L? I mean, I get their intention, trying to make it sound French and all that. But it’s just such a silly-sounding word that used to bug the crap out of me. So then I told my husband about  my random train of thought and he was all like, oh yeah, that was the pantyhose that came in those eggs! And I was all like, I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT!


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