As I was folding Nathan’s clean clothes the other day, I felt a twinge of nostalgia. He’s now officially outgrown his size 18-month clothes and is now in size 2T. I can’t believe it! My 19-month-old baby, who was once really small as an infant and struggling with weight gain issues, is now BIG! And growing! In fact, he’s growing so much that I’m afraid if I close my eyes, he’s going to be all grown up in an instant.

What’s funny is that although his size 18-months clothes are definitely too small, his 2T clothes are a little bit too big. Some of his pants fall down when he walks and especially when he bends over (anyone need a plumber?) and I have to roll up his pants’ legs because he trips over them. I admit, I thought about doing the tightroll just for giggles….