Yeah, I have one of Those Kids

Getting Nathan to eat with a spoon has been a challenge. I have one of those Mega Stubborn Kids. You know what I’m talking about. One of those kids… the kid who wants to do things his or her own way, no matter what. So for the past few weeks, I have diligently been trying to coerce Nathan into eating with a spoon and liking it… but to no avail. 

When I place the spoon in his hand, he reacts as if he’s being stung by fire ants injecting him with a poison called Independence. And he doesn’t want any of that ole Independence in his blood, no sir-ee. He screams and cries and arches his back, and the spoon invariably gets thrown across the room while food gets splattered across both of our faces. It’s funny because he wants to do his own thing and be independent, yet he balks when I provide him with the opportunity.

However, when he is in JUST THE RIGHT MOOD, I can talk him into eating with a spoon. But it’s rare, as in all the planets in all the universe have to be aligned PRECICELY in one particular way while a lone toad croaks in B-sharp somewhere under a lily-pad in Siberia AT THE EXACT MOMENT a rogue asteroid collides with a comet 1.4 billion light-years away. It is then and only then then, coupled with some adult manipulation on my part, that I can coax my Stubborn One into eating with a spoon.

And here is one such occasion. Enjoy. It might be a while before this happens again.


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