The Scent of a Turbo

Further proof that Andrew is retarded (not that we don’t already know he’s not the brightest star in the sky, right? I mean, this cat can’t even sit still without his head bobbing around): Now that Turbo has been shavedAndrew doesn’t recognize him. SERIOUSLY! Andrew hisses and spits every time he sees him. And I’m all like, dude! Can you not smell? Because I know Turbo’s new haircut  might seem a little disconcerting if you’re a cat but I KNOW he still has the same scent. But poor Andrew just doesn’t seem to have enough brainpower to compute that little fact! It’s funny to see Turbo walk past Andrew (or vice versa) because Andrew fluffs up his entire body, arches his back, stumbles backwards, and goes into HISSING HYSTERICS.


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