Nathan’s first cold

You guys, I have had a sick little boy on my hands. It started out very mild with just a runny nose so I wasn’t sure if he was actually sick. Then yesterday afternoon, it escalated into a completely stopped-up nose, fever, and a sore throat. (I assume, because his throat was red and a little swollen.) He seemed fine that morning with just a runny noses and some occasional whining. But by the late afternoon, he was so miserable that all he could do was cry pathetically and be held. He couldn’t sleep during his nap because he couldn’t breathe out of his nose, and he would snort and snore and wake himself up. He wailed and cried and whined and was quite vocal about his misery.

So not only did he not feel well, but he was also extremely tired. I had a serious Zombler on my hands.

This was the first time he has ever been sick. Yes, he made it all the way to 18-months old before he caught his first cold (although this was MILD compared to how sick he will probably get at one point or another in his life) so to him, it was literally the worst he had ever felt in his LIFE. Paul and I accomodated the little guy’s teary wails with extra attention and affection.

And get this. When he woke up this morning, he was almost completely better!  His fever has disappeared and his nose only drips every once in a while and although it’s still a bit stuffy, it’s no longer running like a broken faucet.  He just trooped right through his first minor cold like a little champ. Albeit a very unhappy champ.


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