Let the children be children

Ok, this is just nuts. I read an article today about a 6-year old girl getting kicked off her cheerleading squad(by the cheerleading higher-ups) because her parents strongly objected to some of the lyrics in the cheer.

And you know what? I TOTALLY AGREE with the parents.

These 6-year old KIDS where chanting “Our backs ache, our skirts are too tight, we shake our booties from left to right!” I don’t think that is appropriate for a child to say at all… in my not-so-humble opinion, I think stuff like this is the reason our children are having babies at the jaw-dropping young ages of 13…14…15… the sexualization of our children is starting younger and younger. I mean, why on Earth would anyone have a six-year-old chant something like that, and even worse, have them literally shake their booties?

I mean, my goodness, WHAT THE HELL DO KIDS KNOW ABOUT AN ACHY BACK? I remember when I was a kid, my dad sometimes talked about his back pain. And you know what? I couldn’t fathom what he was talking about. Because kids don’t ache. (Generally, of course. There are always exceptions.)

Why rush children into dressing, acting, and looking like adults? They have the rest of their lives for that. For goodness sake, let children be children.

I wouldn’t call myself old-fashioned. In fact, I see myself as being pretty progressive. But sometimes there is a line that should not be crossed, and children being turned into sexual objects is one of them. You see, I am the type of person who becomes uncomfortable and embarrassed when I see little kids parading around in short shorts with the words “Delicious” or “Eye Candy” stamped on their butts. It infuriates me. I want to throttle the parents because it is SO NOT OK to turn children into young sex objects. Why do parents let their kids wear stuff like this? How is that even remotely ok? What is their rationalization? I mean, let kids be kids. They have the rest of their lives to be adults. Why jump on the bandwagon of sexualizing our kids, prepping them to be molested? Because anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature knows that there are some very disgusting, very evil people who walk among us who like to hurt children. Why take that chance? It is our job to protect our children, not dive into this notorious fad of sexualizing them just because the media says it’s ok.

So yeah, KUDOS to the parents of that 6-year-old little girl fo refusing to back down, and shame on the cheerleading higher-ups for being so immature and vindictive by punishing that little girl and refusing to remove that particular cheer from the squad. That is what’s wrong with the world today… not enough parents PARENT their children because they think it’s “cute” and “fashionable” to let their child wear racy clothes. And then these same parents are the ones left scratching their heads when their 14 or 15 year-old daughter gets pregnant.



  1. Totally with you on this! They are always trying to make kids grow up too quickly. It’s sad too think that many will miss out on all the fun stuff we got to do as kids.
    .-= SuziCate´s last blog ..Tribute To The Inspiring Oak Tree At Oak Ridge =-.

    • I know! Whatever happened to being a kid? Going outside and climbing trees? Riding bikes and playing hide-and-go-seek at dusk? Now, it’s short shorts, video games, and texting (to name only a few). They have the rest of their lives to be adults, and I hate that so many kids are missing out on their childhoods… and many of the parents are the ones encouraging it!

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