What a weekend. First, I stubbed my toe so badly that it turned this gross, mottled brown color. Thankfully, I didn’t break it, but it hurt like a biatch for quite a while. Secondly… oh man, oh man. Secondly, I tried to go to church on Sunday. I walked into the building with Nathan on my hip, but I was almost immediately given dirty looks by a number of people. Only two ladies were friendly to me. When I dropped Nathan off in the nursery, even the lady in charge there was curt and rude. Finally, as I was walking upstairs to the service, someone forcibly PUSHED me out of her way. After that, I got a couple more rude looks. And ladies, I know you know what I am talking about… where they look you up and down and then they sneer. SNEER. As if I was loathsome and disgusting.

It made me cry.

Which made me mad.

So I turned back around, grabbed Nathan out of the nursery, and left. I didn’t even stay for the service. Because I know where I am not welcome, and I was absolutely not welcome there. It was very hurtful and disappointing.

However, I wasn’t going to allow such behavior to prevent me from attending church. So, with Nathan in my arms, I walked next door to a church of a totally different denomination, and the difference in the atmosphere was like night and day. The people were so kind, friendly, warm, and welcoming. No one, not one single person, was rude to me or made me feel bad.

The experience I had at the first church was so surreal that I felt like I had been plucked from reality and thrust into someone’s high-school nightmare. It was such a  judgemental environment, and I absolutely will not ever step foot in there again.

I don’t know why people, especially people who call themselves Christians, can be so rude and disrespectful to a newcomer in their own church.

Then, last but not least, Nathan was bitten by something on his leg. It’s nothing serious, and he’s not sick or running a fever, but he has this angry little welt that he scratches so much that it’s scabbed. I tried putting a band-aid over it, and of course, he just yanked it off.

So now I’m looking forward to relaxing and letting some of this stress melt off me. Hopefully my toe will heal soon… it is NOT FUN having an achy toe.