Mean Ole Mommy

So here lately, whenever Nathan gets in trouble for something, he stretches out his arms, toddles up to me, and gives me kisses and hugs. Even with little tears streaming down his face.

It doesn’t matter if I say a simple “No, not for Nathan” or “Don’t touch that, little guy.” His eyes well up with sparkling tears, his chin quivers, and he starts wailing a broken ambulance siren. Then he throws his little arms around my neck and kisses me.

That’s why I can never be mad at the little guy. He’s such a sensitive, precious sweetheart, and it breaks my heart when I have to hurt his little feelings and not let him do something that could cause him to get hurt, such as playing with electrical cords or grabbing the scissors the millisecond that I have my head turned. (How DO their little hands move SO quickly?). The way he acts when I have to tell him no, you’d think I’m the meanest mom in the world and that I callously crushed his heart!

This isn’t going to get any easier as he gets older… is it?



  1. Ah, wait until he’s a teenager, then you really will be the “meanest mom in the world”, but then they appreciate it later! It’s such a long process to be appreciated!!!
    .-= SuziCate´s last blog ..Wake Up Little Suzi! =-.

    • Ahhh the teenage years! I am SO dreading that time. I know I was rough on my parents… hopefully Nathan doesn’t follow in my footsteps!

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