He’s not a toddler… He’s a rotisserie chicken

So why is it whenever Nathan lays down next to me, he can’t lay still? And I’m not referring to the constant fidgeting and leg-thumping. Or the wiggling or the clapping. And not even the head-banging or arm flailing. I’m actually talking about Nathan’s strange ability to rapidly roll over, around and around, while somehow managing to remain stationary.

Like a little rotisserie chicken, only in a machine callibrated to spin at 1,200 RPMs.

Or an alligator doing it’s Death Roll.

I don’t see how he does it. I try to roll over, and I completely move to one side or the other. I can’t roll over in one spot, much less SPIN RAPIDLY. Like a hot-dog being roasted over a fire by a crazy person who has drank too much coffee.

What’s his secret?


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