Dear Stupid Driver,

Seriously? You pulled out in front of me just go to 15 mph under the speed limit? There was no one behind me. Why couldn’t you just wait? You were OBVIOUSLY in no hurry. And then? Then, you decide to make a right-hand turn, which normally would have elicited whoops of joy from me. But you totally ignore the turning lane because you are apparently have the IQ of a walnut. Why would I say that, you ask? Because only a walnut would be oblivious to the existence of a turning lane and make the right-hand turn from the main part of the road. AFTER COMING TO A COMPLETE STOP. Without even turning on your blinker.

Look at it from my perspective. You would think you were pretty stupid, wouldn’t you?

You better be glad I’m not Magneto because I would have totally mind-thrown you and your ridiculously slow, blinkerless car up into the air and across the universe.


Your really irritated fellow driver who knows what turning lanes are for. And blinkers.


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