Because chocolate milk should never be wasted

So yesterday, as I was cleaning the kitchen, I had Nathan in his room with the baby gate up. When I was done cleaning, I decided to make myself something to eat, along with a cold glass of chocolate milk. I poured my milk, walked into the living room, and set it on the coffee table as my lunch was heating in the microwave. Nathan, in the meantime, wanted to hang out with me. So I walked him from his room to the living room, where I left him for a total of ten seconds in order to retrieve my lunch from the microwave.

When I returned to the living room with my lunch, Nathan had discovered my glass of chocolate milk. And by discovered, I mean he had put his entire arm, UP TO HIS ELBOW, inside the cup. And when he saw me looming in the living-room doorway, his eyes became about as big as saucers and he completely froze. With his entire arm planted firmly in my delicious glass of chocolate milk.

Yes, I still drank it.

Every last drop.


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