The imp has struck again. Literally.

Have I got something funny to tell you guys.

My mom came by my house yesterday. She was in the kitchen, and she bent over to pick something up off the floor. NathanĀ  toddled up behind her and SMACKED HER BUTT. Seriously! Then he giggled and toddled away.

Just like the mischievous little imp that he is.

You should have seen my mom’s face… her eyes bulged out and she did this little squeal and jerked up to standing position faster than a speeding bullet, and she was all like, Oh my goodness! Nathan just smacked my butt! I was like, Well, this isn’t the first time he’s done that. And she was like, Does Paul ever smack your butt? I said, Yes, Mom. Yes, my husband smacks my butt all the time. And she was all, Well that must be where Nathan got it from! And I was all, I know! I just want to bend over in peace every once in a while!

It was uber funny. But still. I need to teach Nathan that it’s not proper to go around smacking people’s butts! But I was laughing so hard that if I tried to teach him that lesson right then, it would have been a total FAIL.

I have a miniature butt-smacker roaming my house!


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