Stubborn little guy

Nathan likes to attempt to tell me exactly what he thinks when I tell him he can’t do something. I shot this video a month or two ago (sorry it’s a bit blurry- I was still trying to figure out our camera), and it’s just a small sampling of what Life With a Toddler is like. A toddler grumbles over every single thing. He thinks that everything he’s not allowed to do is an injustice. Because, for example, if electrical sockets aren’t supposed to be licked, THEN THEY SHOULDN’T BE WITHIN EYESIGHT. Or at least, that’s the way a one-year-old see it. Same with remote controls. We don’t let him play with the remote controls because they become slobbery, chewed up projectiles. They get left on the coffee table, and Nathan just can’t help himself. He has to touch them, EVEN IF I AM RIGHT THERE, knowing the whole time that he’s doing something he’s not supposed to be doing.

When he starts acting like this, however, I always have to just redirect his attention elsewhere. Nathan has definitely gotten my stubborn streak!


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