Six and Seh

I’ve been trying to teach Nathan his numbers. He has a set of 10 stackable blocks, and each is labeled with numbers and animals. And the kid absolutely loves when I stack his blocks. So every hour or so, I stack his blocks while pointing to the numbers and saying them outloud.

Nathan, in his excitement, starts waving his little arms and bouncing up and down. And he will even try to repeat after me. His favorite numbers are 6 and 7. As soon as I put number 5 up, he bounces up and down, looking very much like a hungry little leprachaun, and says “Six! Six!” As soon as I stack block number 6, he says “Seh! Seh!” for number seven.

Of course to Nathan, the remaining blocks should ALL be 6’s and 7’s, but he’ll understand eventually.

As I sit here typing, I heard him knock the block tower down that I just built. And now I hear him thumping across the room, his bare little feet plodding heavily on the floor as he says “Six! Seh! Six! Seh!”

Have I mentioned I love this age?


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