Pain, pain go away…

So I haven’t been feeling well the past few days. I’ve been dealing with insomnia, which is irritating as all-get-out (You know, when I think about it, that saying doesn’t make much sense, does it?). Plus, I’ve had these really strange stomach pains lately. It feels almost like hunger pains, and it subsides somewhat after I’ve eaten something. Only I KNOW it’s not hunger pains. I’ve been hungry before, and it’s never hurt like this… to the point of waking me up (after I finally manage to fall asleep) and persisting until after I eat something.

This morning, it was so bad that I couldn’t take it anymore. I made an appointment with my doctor and scarfed down a baked potato to stave off the pains somewhat. The doctor thinks I might have either gallstones or ulcers.

Not good, right?

I don’t know if it’s my gallbladder. I had severe gallbladder pains when I was pregnant. I mean, severe to the point that I sometimes couldn’t walk and it was painful to just breathe. These gallbladder pains would surface after I consumed something a little too fatty like bacon or butter, and it would last for hours. But what I’m experiencing now? The pains subside substantially AFTER I eat something. And it hurts way worse than the pregnancy gallbladder issues.

So I’m leaning more towards ulcers. YUCK.

So anyway, they’re going to schedule an appointment for me to have an ultrasound on my gallbladder, and they’re also going to do some blood-work along with an x-ray of my lower back. See, I’ve been taking Ibuprofen because of all the back pain I’ve been experiencing lately, and the doctor thinks that could have contributed to the possible ulcers. So he also prescribed Zantac in case it’s stomach ulcers. So we’ll see, right? It’ll be a couple more weeks before I meet with my doctor again. Until then, I need to figure out how in the hell I’m going to prevent myself from feeling like I’ve been in a wresting ring with a Mack Truck on a daily basis.

I thought I was too young to be having these problems. I’m not even 30 yet! This sucks, guys. I hope it’s not gallstones, because don’t you have to have surgery to remove them? At least ulcers can be cured with the right diet and medication like Zantac. Right?



  1. I had my gall baldder removed laproscoptically (sp), three tiny incisions, seriously like a quarter to half inch each one. Had it done on a Fri morn and was back at work on Mon…the easiest surgery I’ve had! Still I hope it’s something relatively minor that doesn’t need surgery. Hope you feel better soon!
    .-= SuziCate´s last blog ..Not Exactly Musical- But I’ll Toot My Horn AnyWay! =-.

    • That’s awesome that they were able to remove it with such small incesions! Isn’t technology great? Thank you, I am keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that it’s something minor, too!! 🙂

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