Paul and I have been using Pampers diapers for Nathan ever since he was an infant. We’ve tried other brands, but Pampers has always been the best (for Nathan). We started off with Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive, then changed to Pampers Baby Dry, and when Nathan became mobile, we started using Pampers Cruisers.

Not a bad diaper at all. It contains the poop, with the exception of an explosion here and there, and that’s all that matters.

So recently, we got a box of the new Pampers Cruisers Dry Max, which boasts ultra protection against wetness. Well, I’m not saying this with 100% certainty, but coincidentally enough, when we started using the diapers with the “dry max technology,” Nathan started experiencing painful symptoms.

Remember how just the other day, I talked about Nathan suddenly developing an aversion to getting his diaper changed? Complete with thrashing and wailing and flipping and flopping?  Well, it turns out that it wasn’t an aversion to diaper changes themselves. I think it was because he was having a reaction to the diapers.

And I don’t mean like a diaper rash with the little bumps.

I mean that it was something akin to a chemical burn. After only a week or so of using the new diapers, Nathan’s poor little bottom started turning red, so I assumed he was just developing a diaper rash. Only the redness kept getting worse and worse, and applying diaper cream made Nathan shriek in pain. And just yesterday, his screaming when I changed his diaper escalated into panic mode, and I noticed that the skin on his bottom was on the verge of blistering. Some of it was even starting to peel. And then, I came across this article in the news.

So we quit using the new diapers and started using the Baby Dry again, and instead of using diaper cream, I’m using Baby Petroleum Jelly. He doesn’t mind so much when I use the petroleum jelly, but he screamed bloody murder when I tried using our normal diaper cream.

Again, let me reiterate that I’m not 100% sure that it was the new diapers that caused this reaction, but as a precaution, I thought it was worth mentioning just in case any other mamas notice their babies developing a rashlike burn after switching to a new diaper. IF there is a connection, then hopefully, other parents out there will catch it before the rash/burn develops into something more serious.



  1. BrookeFromPampers

    Hello, I’m Brooke from Pampers. I came across your blog and was sorry to read Nathan had a rash. I understand your precautions because as mothers (me being a first time mother) we want nothing but the best for our little ones. I can assure you that we care about the babies that wear our diapers very much. We’d like to hear any feedback you can share. If you could take the time please give us a call at 1-877-256-3265 to share more details if possible, so we can try to help.

    • Thank you for your response. I sent Pampers an email on Friday to let them know about the reaction Nathan had to the diapers, and I will be giving you guys a call as soon possible to give you additional information. Thanks again for your response, it is greatly appreciated.

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