Learning to walk has its drawbacks

Well, Nathan had his first “real” bloody lip today. He was playing in his room and he must’ve lost his balance, as he often does, and hit his lip on the changing table or maybe the dresser. I heard a loud thud and then a very pitiful wail. When I picked him up, I saw his upper lip was bleeding… he has a gash on the inside of it and was crying as if his world was crashing down around him. And I’m sure to him, it was. He’s never hurt his lip this badly before. He’s bitten down on it once, but there was hardly any blood and he was happy again after a few minutes. This time, however, it took a bit longer to comfort him. I was able to get some ice on it, but his lip is still a little swollen. And as sappy as this sounds, I feel a little twinge of heart-break every time I look at it. My poor child. No decent mother likes to see her child hurting.

Well, this is only the first of many more accidents to come, unfortunately. I hear little boys are way more accident-prone than girls, so I’m sure there are many more bloody lips to contend with in our future. I better get used to it!


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