Turbo, our Maine Coon kitty, has really developed a liking for Nathan, and will literally seek Nathan out. When Nathan’s in the living room, Turbo will sit near him, nonchalant as Nathan yanks his fur and is even tolerant of a tail pulling or two. He’ll sit on Nathan’s toys so that Nathan has to have contact with him. And when Nathan’s playing in his room, many times I will look over and see Turbo laying quietly at the baby gate that guards Nathan’s door, his eyes glimmering as he watches intently.

Sometimes Nathan will toddle over and squat down to Turbo’s level and engage in Baby Babble, complete with flying spit bubbles and intermittent excited jumping . Turbo will listen patiently while sniffing one of Nathan’s slobbery fingers that invariably finds its way through the openings of the baby gate.

I think Nathan may have a friend for life.