Nathan is up to taking five whole steps at a time now! He doesn’t take that many steps very often, maybe once or twice a day, because he still prefers to crawl around. I don’t blame him. That kid can really zip around all over the place! His little hands and knees slam down into the floor, sounding more like a herd of elephants than a lone little boy. And he’s fast, too. As fast as a cat being chased with a water sprayer. A lot of times when he’s not sure if he wants to crawl or attempt to walk somewhere, he’ll raise his hands high in the air then will slowly squat down then will bring his hands down on the ground with a resounding thud.

Yeah, he likes seeing just how loud he can be!

In other news, my mom and I were finally able to get together, and I gave her one of her Mother’s Day gifts I ordered. It was a glass rose, and I got it from an online store called Crab Apples. It was lovely and she really liked it. So instead of me describing how pretty it was, here’s a couple pictures: