All you gotta do is dance!

Nathan loves to dance, and I accidentally discovered he likes Justin Bieber’s new hit song, “Baby.” Nathan and I had just finished watching something on the DVR, and when I exited out of the program, the Ellen show¬†happened to be on. Now, I don’t watch that show. Never could get into it. But Justin Bieber just-so-happened to be singing live, and Nathan started dancing. Well, the dance of a 14-month old, that is. And, of course, I couldn’t just rain on his parade and turn it off, now could I?

But¬†let me state that with absolutely no offense to Justin Bieber, neither Paul nor I like pop music. In fact, we can’t stand it. I find it too… teenagery. Other people like it, and that’s perfectly fine… it’s just not my cup of tea.

But it’s still pretty darn funny to see Nathan “dance” to it.


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