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We have a Bradford tree in front of our house, and as you can see in the pictures, it’s blooming. Well, the other day, the whole damn thing was coated from top to bottom with a superkazillion ravenous bees.

That’s a lot for someone who is freakishly afraid of bees.

That day, the day with the superkazillion bees buzzing around, I had some errands to run. So I go through the whole gamut of getting myself ready and then getting Nathan ready. I carry him out to the car and start to buckle him into his car seat. All of a sudden, I hear the telltale BZZZZZ and a huge, I mean HUUUUGE, wasp buzzed right by my unsuspecting head and into the car. Without any hesitation, I scooped Nathan up into my arms and slammed the door closed.

Only that meant the damn thing had no way to get out of the car. So I couldn’t go anywhere.

So I opened the door back up again and darted as fast as I could back into the house. I waited a couple of minutes, set Nathan down in his play yard, and nervously ventured back outside only to discover THREE bumble bees flying near the open and inviting car door. I swallowed my fear, ran to the car, slammed the door closed, and hastily retreated back into my house. 

By then, it was too late to go anywhere. I had missed my window of opportunity, and Nathan would be needing his nap soon. So after Nathan’s nap, I looked in the car and amazingly, saw no bees. Amazingly. So I was able to get my errands done after all, but was pretty irritated that one single rogue wasp has thrown my initial plans out of whack.

So anyway, I stood behind the safety of our front door and took some pictures of that tree in our front yard. The one that was practically alive with bees. There were so many bees (and other flying insects) that I was able to get some pictures of all the activity.

Amazingly, for as many bees as there were flying around the tree, it was hard to get a close-up of them as they circled around the flowers. Do not ask me how long I stood there or how many pictures I took. Let’s just say that I am… persistent.


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