Play Yard Shenanigans

I consider myself rather fortunate to have a child who doesn’t mind being in his playpen. Speaking of which, did you know it is now considered “incorrect” to call it a play PEN? Yeah, they’re now called play yards or pack-n-plays. I can never keep up with all these new terms!

Nathan’s favorite thing to do in his play YARD is to pick up his toys, one by one, and drop them over the side. All of them. He just picks them up and drops them. Then, he has no toys to play with, so he’ll invariably yank of his socks and drop them over the side as well. Then he’ll cry for me to come pick up all his toys and his socks so he can start the process all over again.

And he’ll do it right in front of me. He’ll dangle a toy over the edge and will drop it as soon as I look over at him.

Being a mom means that picking up toys is ENDLESS.


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  1. Awe, adorable!
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