It ain’t easy being a cat

Andrew likes to play with Nathan’s toys. So much so that I’ve had to start reprimanding him for it. Poor, sweet Andrew. None of the cats get all the attention that they used to before Nathan came along… but Andrew was my baby and I was constantly showering him with attention. Now, he has to share me with this tiny, chunky little human who screams really loudly and doesn’t understand the concept of “gentle” just yet.

Nathan’s “gentle” consists of smacking Andrew in the head with his slobbery hands. Or pulling Andrews lips open and peering at his teeth. All the other cats manage to keep their distance from this mischievous little human, but not Andrew. I think he likes Nathan, rough petting and all.

Andrew gets a little jealous at times. He’s never, ever mean about it, though, and he would never bite or scratch anyone, but you can tell that his feline feelings are hurt. When I’m playing with Nathan, Andrew will often stand to the side with his head cocked, sulking, with a look of longing on his face. Sometimes he will meow ever so pitifully, until I call him over to pet him. And when Nathan’s not playing with his toys, Andrew will sometimes sit on them. 

Hopefully, Andrew and Nathan will bond as Nathan grows older and has better motor control. Andrew’s a great cat, and Nathan would never have cold feet when he sleeps, that’s for sure.



  1. That is so cute! We had a cat before I ever became pregnant with our first son. The cat lived to be around 20. When she passed, it was harder on our son than on the rest of the family. I guess they had sortof grown up together.
    .-= Suzicate´s last blog ..Life Essentials =-.

    • 20 years?! Wow! I hope my kitties live that long, especially Andrew. Yeah, I hear when a child grows up with a pet, they become kind of like siblings and when the pet eventually passes, it’s rough. I’m already dreading when it happens…

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