His first word!

Nathan said his first word! Well, his first articulate word, that is. He says “more” only it comes out “MA!”  He’s also been saying Mama, Mom, Dad, Dada, Dadday (which is really cute because he invariably drools a waterfall all over himself when he says that one). So his first word was “cat!” He said it about three or four times in a row, and I haven’t been able to get him to repeat it since. Whenever I prompt him to say “cat!” again, he looks at me like I’m some interesting specimen to take into consideration but nothing more.

In other news, he also stood ALL BY HIMSELF for about 20 seconds! He usually holds onto something with one hand to keep his balance. But this time, this time he was a good eight inches away from the furniture, and he was so completely engrossed with examining one of his toys that he wasn’t paying any attention to the fact that he was doing a total Act of Independence.

It won’t be long before his footsteps are pitter-pattering all over the house.


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