Because You Can Only Crawl So Far…

Well, Nathan is getting better and better at learning to walk… he is learning that he walking broadens the scope of Things He Can Get Into, and now his walking is looking less and less that that of a drunken alien’s saunter and more of the walk of a little boy, for the most part. Although he is still my baby, and always will be, even when he’s 50 with graying hair and distinguished wrinkles. He’s getting really adept at walking behind his walking toys and while holding onto furniture, and he loves when I hold his hands and walk behind him. Right now, he uses his walking toy to walk to various pieces of furniture where he will then let go of his toy and start slapping the furniture with his open palms. It’s really funny when I haven’t dusted in a while… you can see Little Nathan Handprints left behind, silently claiming their territory.



  1. Too cute! Love his little “bubble butt!”
    .-= Jane´s last blog ..Don’t Be Fooled, Feed Your Flies Honey And Forgive Your Enemies =-.

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