Because civilized people use silverware

Eating with silverware. It’s one of the many things that separate us from from the animal kingdom. We eat using silverware rather than with our hands and faces.

Well, ok. For the most part. Some things are MEANT to be eaten with fingers… like FRIED DRUMSTICKS.

I’ve been working with Nathan on learning to eat with a spoon. He’s getting the hang of it… and although sometimes he tries to eat the spoon itself, he so far, doesn’t make too much of a mess.

And the best part? I don’t have to stand in front of him saying “YUM YUM! So very GOOD!” just to convince him IT’S NOT POISON and it’s ok to eat… like I had to do with his crackers. So instead of mimicking me and saying “MMMmmm” while he eats, he eats in silence.



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