Best Trait

Your Best Trait is Creativity
You may seem like you’re a bit flaky or flighty, but you’re really just deep in thought.
You are the artistic type, no doubt. However, you are also highly analytical and logical.You are able to solve problems in unique and interesting ways. Your ideas are unpredictable, but they always end up making sense.
You are picky and sometimes downright critical. You expect the best of yourself, but others are not prepared for your exacting standards. 

 I always find these quizzes interesting, even if they aren’t entirely accurate. You answer a handful of questions in which there is already an outcome predetermined by the test creator according to which answers you chose. But this quiz is right about one thing- I’m definitely creative, a total right brainer. And yes, many times I seem flaky or flighty, but I’m just deep in thought.

I’m especially bad about that when I’m at the computer designing something. It’s as if I develop tunnel vision… I totally get into it and am completely absorbed. I BECOME ONE WITH THE COMPUTER. It’s like that with pretty much anything when I am using my imagination. I can get lost in a book for hours at a time.

I wonder if Nathan will share my love of art and creativity.  Hopefully, he’ll be creative like me and yet still logical and well grounded like his dad. Not that I’m not logical or well grounded… but I AM a total right brainer.


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