“Sibling” Rivalry

Our cats always seem to have it out for each other… in a very passive-aggressive way. Although the  physical “cat fights” themselves are rare, (sometimes Turbo will swat at Kayli. Other times Andrew will smack his tail into Turbo’s face) the physical altercations are no match for the MIND WARS they tirelessly play with each other.

Take the above picture, for instance. Meeper, the cat on the right, was sleeping peacefully in the cat bed, minding his own business when along comes Kayli (the cat on the left who is attempting to look smug). But instead of finding an unoccupied nook to nestle in, she decided she would usurp Meeper’s bed.

So she just sauntered over to him and SAT ON HIM, using her body fat to push him into a sitting position.

And Meeper LET HER. He just sat up on his back legs, gave her a rather intense Evil Eye, and meowed a few times…  but never tried to reclaim his bed.

Of course, that’s not the only time one of our cats has used his or her body weight to bully Meeper. Turbo is the reining champion when it comes to sitting on Meeper to get his way.

Sometimes my cats are like having a bunch of toddlers around!



  1. Wow, the cat bullied to get his way?! Great pic.
    .-= Suzicate´s last blog ..Sinful Cyber Schemes =-.

    • Yep, she really did bully her way onto the cat bed!! She just pushed the other cat, Meeper, right out of the way as if he were nothing.

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