Well, I had my initial visit today with the Chiropractor! And, it has been confirmed: My back is trying to kill me. Remember how I said they would do this really cool, sophisticated scan on my spine? Well, it showed that I’m having severe muscle spasms in my neck and upper back (Hmmm, I think carrying around a certain little boy is partially to blame!).  Surprisingly my lower back, the part that has gone CANNIBALISTIC on me, didn’t show any spasms. They took some x-rays because it might be a pinched nerve or something, and we’ll be going over the results next week.

So we’re one step closer to figuring out what the problem is!

In other news, remember how I told you that instead of bending over to retrieve a fallen toy, Nathan would slowly do the splits until he was low enough to reach it? Well, he’s decided squatting is better than doing the splits. And I agree… only watching him do the splits was much more entertaining.