On the Loose

We’ve been having some seriously awesome weather lately, so Nathan and I went outside and did some exploring. For the first time, I was able to sit him down on the ground and let him play around. He loves being outside and has enjoyed it since he was an infant. I remember when he had colic, one of the few things that worked was taking him outside and rocking gently on the porch swing. 

Nathan really liked watching the cars whizz by. Every time he heard one approaching, he craned his neck and stared intently at the road, grinning from ear to ear. He was really intrigued by the louder cars, and whenever one  roared past, his head would practically shoot off his neck during his attempt to swivel his head around fast enough to see what was causing such a commotion.

He loved sitting in the grass (or should I say the  leaves leftover from autumn) and running his hands through the leaves, listening to them crinkle between his fingers. His fingers eventually stumbled upon a twig and, of course, he had to investigate.

He found the twig was rather intriguing.

He tried to eat it.

I wouldn’t let him, so he was settled for waving it around in the air.

I love when the seasons are changing and am really looking forward to all the fun things Paul and I will be doing with Nathan this spring and summer! We’re dying to take him to parks, the zoo, swimming… this is only the beginning. Look out, world! Nathan is on the loose!


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