What’s so Funny?

Every so often, something I say or do will trigger a laughing fit from Nathan. Once, it was every time I said the word happy.  For hours, every time I would say the word happy, he would erupt into a laughing fit. Another time, it was puffing my cheeks up with air. And yet another time, it was making croaking noises. (Yes, I admit it… I croaked at my son a few times. Hey, ya do what ya gotta do, right? Whatever makes the little guy laugh. Or helps him eat his sweet peas.) Well, this time, he likes the “Z” sound, like “zipper” or just simply “zzzzz!” And for hours, every time I would say the zzz sound, he would laugh.


Now, not so much. I think I said “zzz” one too many times in an attempt to get him to laugh when he was in the middle of telling me in no uncertain terms that he did NOT WANT GREEN BEANS TODAY, THANKYOUVERYMUCH. He would protest whatever I was feeding him for dinner, and I would “zzzzz” enough to elicit an open-mouthed laugh and whoosh! In would swoop the spoon of sweet potatoes or carrots or whatever his persnickety little taste buds were boycotting that day.

I’m always looking for ways to make Nathan laugh. There is just something about the way his eyes light up that keeps me on a constant quest for laugh-inducing antics.

Plus, it makes great entertainment. Admit it. It’s freaking hilarious to watch a baby crack up over the littlest things.


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