Sleep, You Have Been Missed

Ever since Nathan was a little bitty guy, he’s fought nap time. When I would lay him down for a nap, he would either play in his crib or have a total meltdown, neither of which resulted in any sleep. And on the rare occasions when he would fall asleep, he’d only nap for 20-45 minutes.

Once a day.

Only getting one nap for such a short period of time wasn’t doing Nathan (or me) any good. Nathan would be so tired and grumpy the entire day. Which made me tired and grumpy. And it’s not fun taking care of a tired and grumpy infant when you’re tired and grumpy yourself.

So I started cosleeping with him during nap time, and it has worked like a charm.

Now, he always falls asleep. He sleeps 2-3 hours in such a deep, comfortable sleep that he doesn’t even move or roll over. Plus, I get to nap as well. Even though sometimes I don’t feel like sleeping so I just lay there and listen to him breathe. The only complaint I have about taking a nap with him is that I lose a big chunk of time in the middle of the day to get stuff done. So yeah, laundry’s a bit behind.

And I have an eternally stiff neck and a crick in my shoulder from laying in one single position the whole time we nap. Every day. See, Nathan will only sleep if we are facing each other.  So if I roll over and face the other direction, he wakes up and whimpers until I roll back over and face him again. Then, it’s back to sleep. Which is really freaking cute and all, but sometimes it kinda sucks when you’re DYING to roll over but you can’t.

But who cares, right?

Because there are finally people getting some sleep in this house!

That’s a pretty big deal.

I’m happy. Nathan’s happy. In fact, Nathan is so happy during naps now that he even he snuggles into the crook of my arm and wiggles his toes lazily with contentment, which is a stark contrast to how Nathan used to react to naps… with meltdowns and huge, heartbreaking tears.

Now, I totally understand why so many moms cosleep with their infants.



  1. AWE…special moments.
    .-= Suzicate´s last blog ..I Prefer Blizzards From Dairy Queen =-.

  2. I agree!! Whatever works, really!
    .-= submom´s last blog ..Contract =-.

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