He’s teething again… and biting anything and everything he can get those teeth on! We have all kinds of teethers that he can bite on, but he won’t use any of them. He prefers to nom on HIS OWN FINGERS and will even leave little teeth marks on his skin as evidence of his misery. Or he teethes on stuff he shouldn’t… like the coffee table. Or his crib rails. OR MY CHIN (yeah, that wasn’t very pleasant).



  1. Oh, I get this. A few days ago, Tankbaby was mad about something and went to bite my hand in frustration. I pulled it out of the way, and he ended up biting his own fingers. Poor baby–he was equal parts “Wow, it feels good to vent my frustration by biting,” and “Owww! Someone’s biting my fingers!!”
    .-= Falling´s last blog ..Life in the Big House =-.

    • That’s hilarious! Those teeth can sometimes feel like miniature daggers! Oh, the things babies do when they’re frustrated. Aside from biting when things don’t go his way, Nathan will also shove whatever toys are nearby away from him. And then he’ll dramatically throw his arm over his eyes and bawl.

  2. I am sorry that he’s chewing his own fingers! LOL @ him biting your chin though. (Sorry!) I love biting people’s chins still… LOL. Ok, I only get to bite my husband’s chin, but Jay Leno often looks quite tasty to me…
    .-= submom´s last blog ..Contract =-.

    • Those little teeth marks on his fingers break my heart, but I have tried and tried to get him to teethe on other things… but nothing works. Poor little guy. Biting my chin… not so pleasant either! He just looked up at me and leaned in really close like he was about to be sweet, and *WHAM!* bit the crap out of it.

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