Well, as you know, Nathan’s been diligently learning how to crawl.  In this post, I talked about how Nathan moved about by mostly rolling all over the room and crawling backwards, then he figured out how to move forward in a crawling/shimmying/lurching motion (click here to see the video). And you can read about the first time he took his first actual “Crawling Steps” by clicking here. And now?  In just the span of a few short days, he’s started crawling with his belly off the floor.


There’s been a couple time’s he’s scooted backwards, but it’s mostly when I use The Deep Voice to tell him “Not for Nathan” when he reaches out to touch the entertainment center. You know the voice. The voice that says You’re about to get into Deep Trouble, Mister.  Only I don’t have a deep voice, so when I use it, it sounds more like I’m gargling with gravel.

So when I use The Deep Voice with Nathan, his outstretched hand will stop its reach in midair, hovering uncertainly. His fingers will twitch with anticipation. He wants to touch what is Off Limits so bad. Really, really bad. But he’ll turn around, hand still outstretched towards the Forbidden Loot, and he’ll look at me uncertainly. “Don’t touch that, Nathan,” I’ll say. Then he’ll scoot backwards, plop down on his bottom, and stare forlornly at the object.

So that’s about the only time he really crawls backwards now. He prefers to be up on all fours and since he’s just learned how to do it, so he doesn’t have the speed just yet. And sometimes he gets a bit wobbly. And guess what else? I GOT A VIDEO OF IT!