Yet Another Shower Mishap

The other day, I was enjoying a shower. And I even had the rare opportunity to… SHAVE MY LEGS.

You other Mamas know how it is. You hardly have time to shower, and when you do, you have to rush before your little one senses you are currently indisposed and abruptly wakes up from his or her nap.

Or stops wanting to play in the exersaucer.

Or no longer wants to play with Daddy.

Gone are the days of long, luxurious showers and smooth legs. Gone are the days when your hair got washed on a daily basis. Gone are the days when you could relax for an hour or so in a bubble bath while reading your favorite book.

No, these days consist mostly of Power-Washing yourself in the shower and forgoing the whole leg-shaving ordeal. And when you do have a chance to shave, you’re in such a rush that you usually end up with razor burn severe enough to aggravate the crap out of you for the next couple of days.

So that’s why I was very happy to be able to have the chance to shave my legs. Not just shave my legs, but shave them SLOWLY. So I wouldn’t have the dreaded razor burn.

I was lost in thought, deeply inhaling the steam and letting the tension leave my muscles.

I took my time.

But when I got out of the shower, I noticed something was amiss.

Something that irked me. Something that made me a little mad at myself.


I had shaved my entire right leg and the shin-portion of my left leg. But somehow, someway, I had managed to completely miss my ENTIRE LEFT THIGH.

How in the hell does THAT happen?

I seem to have issues with taking a shower, as you can see here. One day, when I am finally rested and caught up on my sleep, I will not be having these shower mishaps any more.

I am looking forward to those days.



  1. If I tell you I never have to shave my legs would you want to kick me?

    .-= submom´s last blog ..We are all in this =-.

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