An Impending Snow Storm


Yes!! YES!! The weather forecast has the ENTIRE STATE OF TENNESSEE under a Winter Storm Warning for this weekend! As you guys now know because of the post I wrote the last time it snowed here (a rather L-A-M-E snow, might I add) I love, love, love the snow! Even the lames ones!

And I love making snow angels!

Ok, it’s a little more than just love. It’s like a compulsion. A good one, though. Not a bad one, like having a compulsion to eat Super-sized Fries or a whole box of chocolates in 10 minutes.  And I only want to make snow angels when the snow is actually deep enough to prevent grit and gravel from EMBEDDING ITSELF INTO MY SKIN.

So this weekend, they are calling for TONS of snow! Ok, maybe not like this but around here, just a three-inch accumulation is a Pretty Big Deal.

I’ll be happy with just three inches.

I’d be even happier with six inches of snow, but I don’t want to push my luck.

Because I don’t know about everywhere else, but our weather forecasts around here kinda suck. Because EVERY SINGLE TIME they predict snow, IT NEVER SNOWS. Or it’ll snow with little to no accumulation. The city will send out salt trucks, schools will close in anticipation of icy roads, every single grocery store within a 50 mile radius of predicted snow will be COMPLETELY DEPLETED of milk, eggs, and bread… and children will stare hopefully out of their windows while wiping away the condensation of their breath off the glass, praying for accumulation at every little flake that flutters down from the bloated clouds…

But the accumulation never happens. 

And it’s been like this for years. Years!! It used to snow all the time when I was a kid. But now? Not so much.

So it’s looking like we’ll either get a bunch of wet slush or a pretty decent accumulation this weekend.

Keep your fingers crossed, guys! (For a nice accumulation…not the wet slush).


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