Andrew and Kayli, caught in a rare instance of showing each other affection.

I swear, sometimes I think that our cats believe they are human. We have Andrew, the orange Tabby who “talks” to me constantly, follows me aroundĀ like he’s my shadow, and even sits like a human, his fat creating this kind of … halo… around his body.

And when he’s not sitting like a human, he’s doing these strange contortionist poses with his body. Remember Gumby? That’s what Andrew reminds me of with hisĀ little bendable legs going every which direction.

Then we have Meeper, who apparently doesn’t like his paws to be cold and will actually put his paws under our space heater. Like it’s his personal PAW-WARMER.

Our cats are very well-loved, and they know it. They are so loved, in fact, that all four of them sometimes think they are human. And Paul and I wouldn’t have it any other way…