Well, Paul’s nice two-week Christmas vacation is slowly coming to an end. Time is quickly slipping away, but we have really enjoyed this time together… so much so that we have been spending pretty much every waking moment together.

And I love it!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave me with much time for blogging. I know, I’ve not been posting as frequently as I would like. Heck, I haven’t even had time to do my Yoga, which sucks because I can feel the Christmas Pounds piling on slowly… like I’m walking in mud and each step is a little harder to take because mud keeps caking on my shoe.

Only, IT’S NOT MUD I’m actually talking about.

Doing Yoga is fun, though. I have this DVD that came with the Yoga mat Paul bought me. It’s a mixture of Yoga and Pilates… and let me tell you, if you are out of shape like me, it’s HARD! I mean, there are all these crazy poses I’m trying to figure out. Stuff that I can’t even pronounce. But dang it, Internet, I am bound and determined to lose this weight. So I will do as many Cobras and Downward Dogs as it takes.

Even though I am quite sure I look more a spastic mouse in a blender than someone doing Yoga.

So as soon as the holidays roll over, I’m going to resume my Yoga and hopefully, and I am saying this with all my fingers and toes crossed, I will see results soon.