Strong Willed and Mega Stubborn

Nathan had his well-check with the pediatrician the other day. He’s doing wonderfully. Still a little on the thin side for a baby, but all babies are different. It always bothers me when doctors whip out that growth chart and start comparing babies to each other. All babies are individuals… some are fat, some are thin, some are tall, some are short. As long as they are healthy, why does it matter how they compare to other babies?  His genes simply won’t let him get fat. We’ve been trying so hard to plump him up but it doesn’t matter how much or what I feed the little guy, he just won’t get fat.

Except for those DELICIOUS CHEEKS!

Oh how I wish my metabolism was still like that. Believe it or not, I used to be thin before I got pregnant. All those days of scarfing down chocolate kinda caught up to my backside and thighs, though. I’m doing yoga now to combat it. We’ll see how that goes.

So anyway, back to Nathan’s pediatrician appointment. I mentioned to the doctor that I was worried about Nathan’s constipation. After a slew of questions, his doctor (who also worked as a pediatric G.I. specialist for a number of years at a children’s hospital) was like, Nathan’s not really constipated… He’s just seriously hard-headed, a.k.a TOTALLY STUBBORN.

I was like, of course he’s stubborn… he totally takes after ME.

So yeah, Nathan is so stubborn that he holds in his poop. The doctor said he’s seen it time and time again with strong-willed babies. They have a painful poop once, then they get it in those stubborn little heads that all poops are painful. Therefore, when they have to go, they keep it in in an attempt to avoid the pain. Holding it in causes it to become hard, and the cycle repeats itself.

Can you believe that? I never knew babies could possibly be stubborn enough that they REFUSE TO POOP.

If he’s this strong-willed now, I’m really starting to wonder how he’s going to be a year from now. Two years. Three years. OHMYGOD Paul and I are going to have our hands full.


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