OCD Malfunction… Part 2

So I briefly mentioned once (here) that my Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder was malfunctioning. Well, folks, it’s malfunctioning even worse… if that’s possible.

I can’t remember where I put anything.


I’m a pretty organized person, ya know? Everything has its own little place. Each drawer is organized and has sections. My figurines decorating the shelves and counter tops are spaced apart perfectly. Everything is lined up straight or at visually-pleasing angles.

Well, I probably shouldn’t use the word is.

Because now? Now, some of my decorations are askew. Items that had a little home in one drawer have been found residing in other drawers.

Some of my wall decorations have gone crooked. CROOKED! ON THE WALL! Oh, the agony!

There were times that people used to come over to my house and purposefully move my things around because they thought it was funny to watch me follow behind them, straightening everything back up. I always noticed when something was a little… off. But not now. Now, sometimes I don’t even notice.

My husband is even getting a tad irritated.

He was used to everything being in the exact same spot all the time. Kitchen Utensil X goes in the top drawer. Kitchen Utensil Y goes in the middle drawer. That big metal bowl? That goes in the middle cabinet. Well, somehow Kitchen Utensil X ends up in the bottom drawer, Kitchen Utensil Y ends up in the cabinet, and the big metal bowl can be found nesting on top of the refrigerator.


And dust!

Maybe it’s stress. Sleep deprivation. Or utter exhaustion. When I see a figurine on the bookshelf that has been jostled ever so slightly, I just try not to look at it. I’m too tired to get up and fix something so menial.

Yes, my OCD has malfunctioned. But I’m going to take this time to relax. I have other things to do (sleep! rest! shower!) other than constantly making sure everything is spaced perfectly apart. I have a feeling, however, that once I have gotten enough rest, I’ll be back to making sure everything is in the right place again.

Until then, I’m relaxing.



  1. Call it sleep deprevation, call it motherhood – but welcome to the club!

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