Evolving Taste Buds

Nathan’s little taste buds have started to evolve. And I don’t mean in a good way.

They are evolving in a picky-eater kind of way. 

It feels like I’m dealing with a toddler already.

He only wants sweet foods… mostly fruits and sweet vegetables. He does not, absolutely will not, touch anything green. No sweet peas, which he is very vocal about (here is a story about the Sweet Pea Saga.) This also means no green beans, which is a bummer because I love green beans. Even when I was a baby.

Yes, I was an odd baby. But like Nathan, I was very cuddly, so that makes up for me being odd.

Jen 3 months oldMe and my dad when I was 3 months old

So anyway, even foods that Nathan once enjoyed, like sweet potatoes, he now snubs. His once favorite foods have become displeasing to him for some reason. Today, I opened up a container of his once beloved sweet potatoes, heated them up to his liking, and HE TUCKED HIS CHIN DOWN! With a frown! And pouty eyebrows!

When I say he tucked his chin down, I mean that he pressed his chin down so hard onto his chest that I was sure he was going to POKE RIGHT THROUGH HIMSELF.

So I sighed and opened up a container of Mixed Cereal with Bananas and Pears.

He tucked his chin down on those, too!

And then this evening, I prepared his favorite food… oatmeal.


Oatmeal! He loves, loves, loves oatmeal. At least, he used to. Just yesterday, oatmeal was his most favorite food on Earth. Possibly in the universe. He would totally marry oatmeal if he could. But today? Today, oatmeal was only worthy of a Chin Tuck and Angry Eyebrows.

I’ve read that babies go through phases where they will reject a once favorite food and will even start to like a once-rejected food. But I never thought he would reject his beloved oatmeal.

If this is any indication of what his toddler years will be like, I’m in trouble!

How do you get a baby to eat his once beloved foods? Is there way to cajole him into eating foods he doesn’t like? He was doing so well that I thought I was lucky and wouldn’t have a picky eater. I’m really hoping this is a phase that he’ll overcome soon.



  1. This, too, shall pass – but good luck in the mean time!

  2. Try the airplane. It works like magic. Well, it has to right? Otherwise why would the TV shows and movies use that trope so often?! What you read is true. Sorry you are going through. Very frustrating indeed. If it is any consolation, mine still hardly eat anything green.
    .-= submom´s last blog ..All things on cable TV considered, I wish my hotel had porn… =-.

    • I tried the airplane… and Nathan laughed at me! When he laughed, I put some food in his mouth. He swished the food around in his mouth for a minute and thought about my new tactic. I think he was thinking of ways to destroy this new plot, but until then, I’m going to keep doing it!

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