Well, it certaintly can’t be boredom because I have Nathan and hisĀ antics that will forever prevent boredom from surfacing.

I wouldn’t normally find this type of thing all that funny, but today, in my sleep-deprived state, I can’t stop laughing. I’ve watched this video multiple times, and each time the complete idiocy of the video elicits more and more laughter.

Ah, I seriously need some sleep.


Nathan is (gasp!) taking a NAP! In his room! Peacefully! Oh how I would love to lay down and indulge in some zzz’s myself… but it always seems like the times when I am the most tired are the times when I have tons of stuff to do.

Maybe tomorrow.

So tomorrow morning, send Nathan some good-sleep vibes. Because the better he naps, the greater the chances are I can nap, too.