Asleep Standing Up

Exersaucer nap

The other day, I put Nathan in his exersaucer to play. I could hear him banging away at the toys on the tray and talking to the different pieces. After a few minutes, however, all noises coming from his bedroom ceased. I peeked in to see what he had gotten into when I saw that he had fallen asleep while standing up in his exersaucer!

Sleeping standing up

He took a quick, 10 minute catnap. When he woke up, he was refreshed and giddy with Good Mood. Good Mood is a great thing for a baby to have, believe me.

awake from his nap

He seriously loves that exersaucer. I think he would totally live inside it if he could. And I’m happy with that because he’s learning all kinds of things… shapes, sounds, textures, etc. 

And a happy baby means a happy house.



  1. Wow, and here I’ve been trying to get Tankbaby to sleep lying down. Clearly, I’m going about this all wrong.
    .-= Falling´s last blog ..For People Without Kids, There’s a Joke at the End =-.

    • Nathan certaintly doesn’t take after me in that regard. I have to be laying down in a dark room with a fan on and lots of blankets. Nathan? Nathan can sleep standing up in his exersaucer. With the light on! But yet, when I try to get him to take his conventional naps, he wants to stay awake!

  2. Ours loved their exersaucer (or Supersaucer or what have you) too. For a while it was the only way I could get a shower in when they were little. Such adorable pictures.
    .-= submom´s last blog ..Christmas Eve Shuffle =-.

    • Totally!! It’s the only time I really have a chance to get dishes done or whatnot because he’ll play in his exersaucer when nothing else can appease him!

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