The Allure of The Spaghetti-Noodle Quizzes

You Are a Hippie
You may not have long hair or a closet full of tie-dye, but you definitely dance to the beat of your own drum. (And you may even play the drum as well.)
You are a true free spirit. You don’t let yourself be weighed down by rules and expectations.You are creative, philosophical, and caring. You want everyone to have a better life.
For you, the worst thing in the world is being stuck in some rat race. You rather be broke than have to wear a suit every day.     


I’m really not sure why I do these quizzes, but I’m addicted to them. Even though they are completely pointless and usually completely erroneous.


What type of sandal are you? If you were a crayon, what color would you be?


Well, I am not a sandal. I am also not a crayon, nor do I aspire to be a crayon, so I don’t give a damn what color I would be.


Seriously, why do people take these quizzes?


I tell you why. There is some sort of magnetic pull to the quizzes. Subliminal. Hypnotic. It’s like you read the question and you get pulled into this make-believe world of disgruntled sandals and crayons, and before you know it, you are answering all these random questions, on a quest to see what you would taste like if you were EATEN BY A CANNIBAL WITH ONE EAR WHO IS THREATENING TO STRANGLE YOU WITH OVER-COOKED SPAGHETTI NOODLES.


Then I start to wonder crazy things, like if I were a spaghetti noodle, how soggy would I be?


Who cares about quizzes questioning you about cannibals and spaghetti noodles and stinky sandals and eye-gouging crayons?


Well, apparently I care. Because I just couldn’t  help myself. I wanted some 5-question quiz to tell me what kind of personality I have, and it turns out I’m a hippie. Part of the description is true… I do dance to the beat of my own drum, but no,  I don’t know how to actually play the drums. I don’t have long hair, although I used to, and I don’t particularly care for tie dye.


I am very creative, philosophical, and caring. I truly do wish everyone could have a good life. But I think it’s silly to be broke than to have to wear a suit every day. I LIKE SUITS. Wearing them makes me feel business-like and professional.


Plus, it makes people believe I’m sane.

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