A few days ago, Nancy at If Evolution Works awarded me my very first trophy!! Thank you, Nancy! A couple days later, Submom at Secret Inner Life, also awarded me this trophy.

I’m new to all these blog awards, trophies, and such, so hopefully I’m doing this right!

So I’m fairly sure that I am supposed to pass this trophy along to the blogs that I love to read. Of course, there is Nancy’s blog, If Evolution Works. She covers a variety of topics with a great sense of humor. And Submom at Secret Inner Life… I love reading her blog as well. She has an amazing sense of humor and a quick wit that keeps me coming back to read more. And I know that Jane at They Call Me Jane already has this trophy as well, but I would like to pass it along to her again anyway. Amber, the Whispering Writer is another blog I also like to read, along with a new blog I recently found that I really like, The Sky Is Falling. She is a new blogger who is entertaining and hilarious.

I always leave with a smile after reading the above blogs. Thank you, ladies, for providing laughter and entertainment!

So I know I don’t have a whole list of blogs to parade before everyone… I’m in the process of prowling the dark recesses of the Internet, looking for more wonderful blogs to fall in love with and stalk enjoy.

Thanks again Nancy and Submom!