Paul has taken a four-day weekend in celebration of Thanksgiving. Yesterday we stuffed ourselves so full of turkey that I’m surprised we didn’t start GOBBLING.

Now, we’re going to relax, watch a movie, and enjoy each other’s company. But not before I share some pictures of Nathan on Thanksgiving!

Like I mentioned yesterday, he didn’t take his nap so he was a bit moody. I had to take some pictures of him to cheer him up because he’s a rare breed and actually loves having his picture taken. So I got out the camera, and a huge smile brightened his face.

Thanksgiving 1

I thought taking just a picture or two would do the trick, so I put the camera away after a handful of pictures.

He started pouting.

So I turned the camera back on, but he wasn’t quite ready to forgive me for my transgression. He looked at me with Pouty Eyes that didn’t understand why I would put the camera away when we were having so much fun.

Pouty Face

So after taking a few more pictures, his pout disappeared and he was grinning like a champ again. He looked lovingly into my eyes as if to say thank you, Mommy. Thank you for reading my mind and taking more pictures of my awesome self.

Smiling for Mommy

After a few more clicks, he actually started posing. Like a miniature model. Hand behind the head and all. He’s learning all the tricks on how to keep me taking pictures of his Awesome Cuteness.


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying your holiday weekend!



  1. Oh my goodness he is absolutely adorable! I love his smile! And you are SO lucky that he loves pictures! Happy Thanksgiving!
    .-= Brittany at Mommy Words´s last blog ..A Whole New Miles =-.

    • Thank you!! Yeah, I’m pleasantly surprised that he loves having his picture/video taken. Most babies that I’ve known didn’t particularly care for it!

  2. He is such an adorable ham! 🙂

    • Thank you! He really keeps us laughing with all his antics… I’m glad I started blogging so I now have a record of some of his most amusing and adorable moments. Well, and some not-so-adorable moments as well.

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