Green Jello

So, does anyone besides me find green jello slightly unnerving?

There is something about the color. That deep, neon green glow it has going on just doesn’t sit well with me. That VERY UNNATURAL green neon glow. It reminds me of some sort of enchanted elixir found only in B-rated science fiction movies.

So is green jello enchanted? Or mystical? Or perhaps silently deadly? Like maybe it won’t kill you immediately, but 27 years from now when you’re on your deathbed, your doctor will inform you that your impending death could have been avoided had you not consumed that puzzling green glob of goo.

I guess we’ll never know.

I have some green jello in the fridge. Freshly made. It’s jiggling qualities are beckoning to me. I’m not really even sure why I chose that color to make… curiosity? Intrigue? A glutton for punishment?

We’ll see…


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