Baby Kisses

I absolutely love baby kisses.

And Nathan’s kisses are adorable. When he wants to give me a kiss, he opens his mouth and bobs his head around, like a baby bird waiting for his mom to drop food into his mouth. So I’ll usually bring him up to my cheek so he can give me a kiss. He’ll usually scrunch his face, open his mouth, and lick me. And that’s it. That’s how he gives kisses.

But the other day, his little kisses changed.

I was holding him in the recliner, taking softly to him in an attempt to get him into Sleepy Mode. He was leaning back in my arms, peering thoughtfully into my eyes, when all of a sudden, HE LUNGED AT ME.


Right onto MY mouth.

Caught off guard, I tried to move my head away.  But my head was being stopped by this impenetrable force; the back of the recliner. And Nathan was attached to my face like a little suction cup.

I was stuck.

And when I moved my head from the left to the right to dislodge him so I could breathe, he pressed himself up even closer to me and planted a slobbery little hand on each cheek, smearing his saliva INTO MY PORES. When I finally peeled him off my body, he leaned back with a huge toothy grin covering his face.

“Ba-nya-nya ma ma ma!” he said proudly as strings of drool dribbled down his chin. It was all over my face, too. My mouth was covered in Nathan Drool, and so were my cheeks, chin, and nose.

Just from one single Nathan Kiss.

Although it’s a tad disconcerting to have sticky, dried slobber smeared all over my face, I still love those baby kisses. Because he really does think he’s giving me kisses. Well, to him, they are kisses.

And he’s damn proud of himself when he’s giving them to me.



  1. Yeah, it was through a similar mishap that I ended up with a…wait for it…face hickey last week. I thought Tankbaby was just doing his little mouthing bit, but apparently he was a tad peckish and he sucked on my chin hard enough to leave a respectable hickey. If there is such a thing.
    .-= Falling´s last blog ..REVEALED! Part 1 =-.

    • Oh I am all too familiar with the Chin Sucking! Nathan does that to me, too. At first, I thought he was mistaking it for my boob and was all like, poor Nathan must be hungry. But he still does it and he knows it’s not the boob. Never left a hicky on it though… but he’s left TEETH MARKS!

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